Welcome to Yacaratiá Lodge

...we invite you to discover Yacaratiá Lodge and the Moconá waterfalls (named after the guaraní voice meaning swallower or the one who swallows). These falls, considered unique in the world, are located in Misiones. The sheer beauty of their 3000-meter span makes them truly breathtaking.

After falling in love with this landscape, we decided to build our lodge, just a few kilometers from there. It is located in a place of astounding beauty. The foliage and vegetation is exuberant, comprised of palms, bananas and tropical plants. The different shades of green are a gift to the sight.

You can do many things in this place, but it lends perfectly for rest and relax. The contact with nature, the singing of the birds and the murmur of the passing river are a balsam for the soul.

Expecting your visit,

Francisco y Patricia